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The RMTC (Racing Medication And Testing Consortium) Withdrawal Times Database

The WTD is a collection of withdrawal time suggestions that our office has accumulated from state racing commissions and regulatory veterinarians in the U.S. The purpose of our database is to make withdrawal time guidelines for therapeutic medications in the various states more easily available to trainers and private practitioners.

Equestrians of all sports that are drug tested SHOULD know the general withdrawal period of drug from the equine system. This database can help provide a baseline to better serve those in the equine sports to promote clean, fair-play.

Link to: Drug Withdrawal Times Database

Dr. Harrison is in the news!
“Clarke horse doctor, volunteer take a bow”

Posted: April 11, 2013
By Val Van Meter – The Winchester Star

BERRYVILLE — Two Clarke County residents were honored last month by the Virginia Horse Council.

Dr. Ian Harrison, of Harrison Equine PLLC in Berryville, was named the state’s Veterinarian of the Year and Robina Rich Bouffault, a member of the council, was selected as the Volunteer of the Year.

Andrea Heid of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services — which sponsors the Virginia Horse Council — said Bouffault’s honor is “not an award we give very often.”

Although she is a “relatively new member,” Bouffault is someone who “doesn’t like to let things lie” when they need to be done, Heid said.

“Whenever there’s a project that needs to be tackled, she tackles it. She’s really remarkable.”

Heid said Bouffault helped improve communications with membership and agreed with other members that the council needed to coordinate its efforts to get sponsorships for projects. She developed a computer program to keep track of sponsorships and encouraged the council to reach out to new people to support its efforts.

“You don’t want to go back to the same people over and over,” said Heid, adding that creating the new tracking systems was a really difficult job.”We’re really glad she’s on the board.”

Bouffault nominated Harrison for his award.

A native of Australia, he came to the United States in 1983 to complete a surgical residency at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton equine center. Ten years ago, he opened his own clinic at 860 Summit Point Road, north of Berryville.

Bouffault said she nominated Harrison not because he is a “highly skilled vet and surgeon” — which she said he most definitely is — “but for his dedication to all horses’ well being.” Bouffault praised his “extra (mostly unpaid) work as our county-appointed vet in cases of horse abuse and neglect.” She said Harrison “goes well beyond the call of duty in helping to resolve the sometimes thorny abuse issues that arise, always to the horses’ benefit.”

Harrison is a member of the Clarke County Equine Alliance, a nonprofit organization for equine enthusiasts and those in the horse industry, of which Bouffault is the president.

She said Harrison periodically “holds free educational seminars for his clients and others to address the many equine issues that they are faced with, as well as providing the CCEA with free veterinarian counseling and advice when needed for our newsletter.”

She said Harrison is “indeed the most complete and compassionate ‘horseman-veterinarian’ that I have had the pleasure of knowing, and I feel that he is very deserving of the Veterinarian of the Year award.”

Ready for a bit of fun? Check out Harrison Equine doing the latest craze – The Harlem Shake!

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